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Saturday May 23 , 2015

January Class: "Back to Basics: Value"

grisailleThis 4-week session focuses on value, understanding the light and dark changes we see and translating them to paint.  Learning to see and judge values is one of the core elements of mastering painting and drawing.  We'll be working on exercises first in grisaille (we'll be using black, white and raw umber) and then moving into color to help hone your skills and sharpen your perception.  I'll be preparing some interesting still life set ups to inspire and challenge you.  Each session will begin with either a lecture or demonstration on the topic and each student will receive individual instruction at their easel. 

This is a great class to join if you are in the early stages of painting, but still offers practice and reminders for the more advanced painter.  Drawing students and independent projects are also welcome, please contact me for details. 

Adult classes are limited to eight students.  This session runs Thursdays from January 9 - 30. Class fee is $100 per month, easels, tables and still life set ups provided (see downloadable materials list at: http://www.gallery-109.com/fairbanks-studio.)

March Classes - A New Twist on Limited Palette

Mar 14th - April 4th, a simplified approach to color.

The limited palette extravaganza continues!  The next session at Gallery 109 & Fairbanks Studio will be starting soon.  We will be continuing our study of the limited palette.  This session will focus on creating your own limited palette.  You'll get a better understanding of your palette, identifying and mixing color and creating a palette that suits your artistic goals. 

This class is open to all levels of skill for adults (Children under 18 years of age permitted under certain circumstances, please inquire).  Classes begin each week with a lecture and demonstration on a specific topic.  Students spend the class painting from still life set ups and receive one on one instruction throughout the session.  Although I encourage students to participate in the lesson you are always welcome to join the class with your own special project. 

Classes begin Thursday March 14th from 1:00 to 3:30 pm and 6:30-9:00 pm and end April 4th.

February Painting Classes

The February series of painting classes will focus on the Limited Palette - aka the Zorn Palette.  We're close to having enough students to offer a third section of this class - on Friday afternoons - in addition to the two Thursday sections, so please let me know if Friday is the sweet spot in your schedule for art!   

Gallery Hours

By appointment
Regular Friday hours to resume soon.

103 N. 3rd Street
Murray, KY, 42071
We're just off the court square in beautiful Murray.
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